Bid Management

Top ten tips for successful tenders

  1. Bid/no bid decision.  Get it right first time.  Don’t be afraid to review the decision regularly during the bid process (especially if new information comes to light from clarification questions) and change it from Bid to No bid.  Potential clients will respect you more if you acknowledge early in the process that you can't satisfy all of their requirements.
  2. Relationships.  Identify who has the best relationship with the client to lead the bid process and be your 'client champion'.  Don’t let any internal politics take over - remember it is the lasting impression on the client that matters.
  3. Team.  Identify the right team and individual roles from the outset of the bid process.  Make sure they can dedicate time to respond effectively to the questions asked, deliver quality content and innovative thinking.  Don’t see it as an ‘add-on’ to the day job.
  4. Plan.  Know what is required, by when and by whom. 
  5. Deadlines.  Don’t be afraid to challenge any late content submissions from the team. 
  6. Price.  Don’t leave fee discussions until last.  Cover it off as early as possible and stick to your pricing decision.
  7. Delivery.  Give the client what they ask for NOT what you think they need.
  8. Presentation Interview.  Put the right people in front of the client, not necessarily your management team.  Think about what the client wants.
  9. Practice.  The interview is your only chance to get in front of the client and tell them exactly what you do.  Lack of practice will make you look unprofessional and could lose you the work.
  10. Feedback.  Whether win or lose, feedback is essential for next time around.  If unsuccessful, find out what went wrong, assess what the successful firm did well and set a plan to build communication and relationships with the client so that you're in poll position for the next tender opportunity.


By Bev Hulme, Bid Management Consultant.


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